Western Pennsylvania Repeater Council  

The Western Pennsylvania Repeater Council (WPRC, Inc.), coordinates amateur radio repeater systems, control and link frequencies, endorses bandplans, arbitrates disputes, and fosters interest in amateur radio repeater communications inside of the ARRL defined section of Western Pennsylvania.
You can obtain more information about the WPRC by browsing the links below, emailing or writing to:

Western Pennsylvania Repeater Council
3000 Village Run Road
Unit 103 #173
Wexford, PA 15090-9244


Reminder - WPRC dues are due for 2024.

Annual dues, for existing members renewals and for new members, is $15.00. The link for the Membership Application Form 109, is listed on the main website page, under General Information. The form is an online fillable form that once the information is entered, can be downloaded onto your computer. The saved completed form can then be printed.

You do not have to pay membership dues for each repeater that you have.

"Regular membership: Any individual or organization having a coordinated and operating repeater qualifies for regular membership."

"Associate membership: Any individual or organization displaying an interest in amateur repeater operation."

Documents and forms, other than those which need to have a check accompanying them, should be emailed to wprc@wprcinfo.org.
Emailing documents and forms should provide the ability for quicker processing and responses when required, as well as reduce overhead for WPRC.   

Thank you!

Western PA Repeater Council Meeting

The regular meeting will be held Sunday, October 20, 2024 at 1:00 PM

Located at:

Renewal or New Membership -- Please complete a membership application and submit with your payment.
  Membership can not be processed without a completed membership application form!


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